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Angel Charitable Services...

Angel Designz Digital Media is currently looking for Angels. If you think you have what it takes to become an Angel, and can donate 10 hrs a month, Please contact ADDM for more information. Just make sure to put ANGELS in the subject line. You can Click Here to email for more info.

*Please keep in mind and understand-*

We are starting over and therefor the Angels Charity services will be limited in the assistance they are able to provide while the rebirth of the company is underway.

Common Questions - FAQ

What is an Angel?
An Angel is Someone who is willing to donate their talent and time, be it make up; Hair stylist; Photoshop skills; or can donate in other forms such as have property that you would be willing to let us do a few photo shoots on; Have animals that are well trained with docile dispositions; Have clothing or fashion jewelry to donate or loan for photo shoots. An Angel can also be someone who is willing to donate equipment such as props, outfits, backdrops as well as other supplies that enable us to continue our therapeutic photo shoots for those less fortunate. An Angel can also be someone who just wants to make a monetary Donation whether it is a one time donation, or by making a donation when and however you can. Donations will be used to help support and continue the Angels Program, but is not limited to sending children to Camps, Family photo shoot, help with hospital related bills, medical supplies, and therapy services. You may also specify how you would like your donation to be distributed.
Once I become an Angel am I obligated to help all the time and for how long?
No you are not obligated to help, or stay an Angel. Once you become an Angel You are put into a database, where Angel Designz will send out a monthly calendar showing Charity work, events, or fundraiser, the time and place for Charity work and estimated hrs, possible dates to hold upcoming event. Those Angels that are available can then co-ordinate a proposed date and submit it for approval, for the final announcements to go out. Volunteering is done out of the kindness of your heart because you want to help someone in need, you will never have an obligation to help with every event or continue on as an Angel.
Who do Angels Help and how?
Angels help a variety of people, single parents, children who are displaced, abused, neglected, families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one, or caring for a loved one who is soon to leave this world, and start a new journey. Angels will also from time to time be helping no kill animal adoption centers.

Again, to become an Angel or if you have more questions please send an email with ANGELS in the subject line. Click Here

If you would like to enquire about receiving services from our Angels or know someone who would benefit from our services please send a detailed email to our Angels Department... Click Here to send an email.

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