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About Angel Designz Digital Media

Angel Designz Digital Media first started the 7th day of July 2007 in Alberta Canada. Angel Designz Digital Media started offering Photography services, Personalized Scrapbooks, Personalized holiday cards, and event invitations. After having a small number of clients tell me I should really offer more services due to the quality of work. Angel Designz Digital Media Grew to offer additional services in 2008 including: small business advertising, Logo Design, website services, Graphic Design, business cards, reality Photography, & Editing services, auction flyers, graphics for Smart green energy, and a small business community paper called the Town Crier. In 2009 Angel Designz relocated to Manitoba while continuing to offer services to Alberta clients, and new U.S. Clients.

In 2010 Angel Designz Digital Media relocated to the United States, where Angel Designz Digital Media was temporarily put on hold due to a family tragedy...

In 2016 I was driven with a passion to launch Angel Designz and while doing so had a new vision and direction for the company. The vision to embrace new technologies, and a new direction to lead Angel Designz Digital Media towards the future and move beyond the past, and present expectations of artisans in the same field. Angel Designz Digital Media is now ready to begin again. Angel Designz Digital Media knows what it takes to get the company started in a new direction and to ensure success will start off by offering limited services, slowly adding more services as we continue to grow. I feel the most important aspect of a successful company, is not location, finances, PM, nor even great leadership. Yes these all contribute in making a company great but not successful, I believe that it is the relationship and trust you build with your clients that make you successful. It is a satisfied, happy customer you have built a relationship with that helps ensure whether a company succeeds. They are a huge part of our our success and I feel the most important aspect of the company. Come build a relationship with a company who cares about their clients, and is passionate about helping you build your story through photography, videography, and digital media!

About The Executive Director

To me, photographs are frozen moments in time, and when you look into them they become beautiful stories that unfold like a budding rose. They are full of feelings and portray a lifetime of memories, both forgotten and unforgotten. Photographs are quiet, gracefully aged, woven with personality, emotion, and full of beauty. My greatest passion as a photographer is to create an image that will touch the soul and warm the heart. I want to evoke a dormant memory or relay a lingering message that inspires one's beauty within. Photographs are the symphony to life’s memories, emotions, and an inspiration to experience life's greatest moments. We need to delve into our mysterious and most sacred un-foretold selves allowing others to see the deeper beauty hidden from the world, due to the fear of how others might see us. I assure you that these are the moments in life where your beauty truly shines in the heart of the world, and in the eyes of our loved ones, because they are pure and the rawest forms of our soul is exposed.

I believe images can be therapeutic; they can inspire the uninspired and reach the lost; and, they can heal the hurting of one’s soul. Images soothe and invoke memories of childhood loves, unforgettable moments of our first's, take us to places we dream of visiting, and nurture healing of the heart, mind, body and soul. This is what my love for photography, graphics, advertising, and small scale marketing means to me. Because then you can truly work with the clientele to aspire to make their dreams a reality, if only for a second frozen in time, ensuing a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

I also want to incorporate charity work through Angel Designz Digital Media hence the reason for choosing the name Angel Designz. I want to continue helping others find hope, happiness, strength, a better future, or even just a simple but powerful gift to a family losing a loved one. To find out more about ADDM Charity work or to become an Angel sponsor please Click HERE.